Sunday, 13 February 2011

Crohnly You..

With Valentines Day rapidly approaching and Cupid furiously polishing his arrows in preparation, what better time to start a blog about that most romantic of subjects; inflammatory disease of the bowel and intestines? 
Never really a good time to discuss having Crohn's Disease, as I have unfortunately experienced not many people are partial to discussing bowel issues over a cup of Tetley. I would have to admit to feeling exactly the same until I was diagnosed and forced to take a long hard look at what was going in (and coming out of) my own body. 
I was finally diagnosed with having Crohn's in August of last year following a year of incredible pain, sickness, and sheer frustration at never getting to the bottom (or lets go for root..) of the problem.
Not much is known about Crohn's. I too was entirely ignorant about it until I was told I had it. No one knows how it starts or why and as yet there is no cure or guaranteed treatment. 
I have been lucky enough to get an operation just over 2 weeks ago as, after months of experimental drugs, steroids, liquid diets and painkillers there was no other alternative. 
My op was a success and I am now resting at home, healing well. Hence the blog.
Getting morbidly curious as to what quality of scar I will have in a few weeks time. Got to have some benefits to this disease and something to tell future generations...
"The shark was THIS big" 


  1. Well, some people WOULD talk about the rear end on Valentine's day, if you get my meaning...

  2. Excellent! Hope you are not too bummed out today. Have a nice bowel of cereal to cheer yourself up!