Monday, 21 March 2011

(Drug) Trials and Tribulations

I'm now over a week into my drug trial. The first 7 days were fine, the 8th and 9th not so good - muchos vomiting and constant queasiness, dizziness and a 48 hour headache. This could be attributed to the affects of the drug or... a possible bout of food poisoning due to my lack of skills in the kitchen. Hoping its the latter as this trial lasts for 3 years! Hopefully my cooking skills have time to improve in that length of time, although its highly unlikely.
The basis of this trial is to establish if Crohns's post-op is better treated with a drug called Mercaptopurine or nothing at all. Therefore the pills I am taking are either the drug or a placebo. I wont know which one until the trial is over and i'll be monitored over the next 3 years with regular appointments, blood tests and unfortunately, regular colonoscopies. Not pleasant but it means the doctors will be able to spot any potential problems more quickly than would have done otherwise, and hopefully act on them before another big flare-up.
So a long road ahead, slightly on edge watching for any changes in my body or if i'm feeling any different, and its early days but so far so good.
Off now to make some lunch... wish me luck!

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