Monday, 28 March 2011

Highway to Hell

A conversation (or more appropriately, argument) with my mother today regarding Lent and the idea of "giving up" certain habits/food stuffs for 40 days and nights led me to ponder on what I have "given up" due to the arrival of Crohn's into my day to day life. 
The gist of the conversation-argument hybrid (lets call it a 'converment') was based on Mum thinking its acceptable to eat Jaffa Cakes during Lent (having given up "sweet things" and alcohol) as they are "only biscuits". Now we all know that beloved Jaffa's are both 'sweet' AND 'cakes' therefore she was shot down in flames. How appropriate. She still bought the Jaffa's though. 
Anyway i've calculated that during the course of the last year i've had to give up on spicy foods, milk and strangely have lost my chocolate addiction, replacing it with crisps. Can't eat much in the way of red meat, green vegetables, ice cream, pasta, cheese or bread.
I've absolutely no idea what any of that means medically or scientifically but I do know it's balls.
So strange that now I have an amazing appetite and could eat for Scotland but there is really nothing tickling my tastebuds! Irritating and frustrating but at least I'm not burning in Hell over a packet of Jaffa Cakes. Shame on you Mum :)

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