Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Nightmare before Crohn's

The diagnosis of Crohn's can be challenging to say the least. Several tests are required to assist in making the diagnosis. In my case I was initially told I had appendicitis and sent straight to another hospital to have my blasted appendix removed. This was obviously not the case and several months of further blood tests, CT scans, MRI scans and a final Colonoscopy finally confirmed the doctors suspicions I had Crohn's.
The strange thing was when I finally was advised of having this condition the relief was incredible. No more did I have to quietly worry I was a massive hypochondriac, wonder why I was feeling faint and sick after a few bites of food, wonder why toilet times were so traumatic and I was always bloated and sore. Although the doctors explained this was not a curable disease I was so much more hopeful that soon they would be able to start some form of treatment and I would start to feel better.
Now, after my surgery the difference is incredible, I feel almost normal! And although this is never going away and I may need surgery again (and again) in the future I can now enjoy a meal without pain and can start to make plans without worry i'm going to collapse in a heap or have to rush for the nearest loo every 5minutes.
I recently met a lovely woman in the dreaded waiting room at the hospital. We got chatting and she told me she also has Crohn's and has is currently waiting for her 14th operation. She has no bowel left and a colostomy bag, struggles to walk and weighs next to nothing, but is the cheeriest and most optimistic woman i've come across in a long time.
You, lady with no name, are awesome.