Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Scar Tissue! Bless You

Trip to the doctor yesterday to check whether or not i'm ready to return to work after my op. Apparently i'm not as of yet. He has signed me off for another month at the moment. So this will be me into my 3rd month of recovery. This past few weeks has been better though, lots of lovely visitors and this blogging lark has kept my mind from turning to mush due to over-exposure to daytime telly. I've also had the urge to start painting and sketching a bit again.
The doctor told me yesterday I have been left with what's known as 'keloid scarring'. This is a type of scar which is caused by a result of an overgrowth of 'granulation tissue' or collagen, at the site of a healing injury. It'll leave me with a weird looking scar which will be either pinky/flesh coloured or maybe red or dark brown in colour. All very interesting except for the fact this odd wee thing is accompanied by severe itchiness and pain - pretty much akin to getting stabbed by a tiny little needle every time I move. Not the end of the world but pretty irritating. Its only tiny and compared to some of the pics i've seen of serious scarring, a needle in...my midriff.

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