Sunday, 15 May 2011


Apparently, having Crohn's can in some cases, lead to a problematic pregnancy. It's said that some medications used to help ease Crohn's can cause adverse outcomes for the fetus or the mother. For males with the disease, medication can occasionally impact sperm count or affect a man's ability to conceive. 
Now I am not writing this post as a sly (and cruel) way to reveal to the world I have a little crohn's filled bun baking in the oven, purely because it got me thinking. 
I've never been particularly maternal. Perhaps thats because I have 'big sister syndrome' - I grew up with a little brother who aggravated me senseless and whom I annoyingly adored in equal measure. Perhaps its because between my partner and I we have a combined total of 6 nieces and nephews from whom I can get my fix of Aunty-time then gratefully hand them back to their much more capable parents. Or perhaps it's because the thought of giving up the majority of the rest of my life to care for one little person terrifies me a bit. Not just the overwhelming responsibility but the fact he or she would take over our lives completely, and I feel i'd like my freedom a little bit longer..
When I was in hospital recently, several nurses and fellow patients enquired if I had children of my own. To which I replied in most cases, "No. Not yet!" - Why did I say that when I have little to no intention of having a baby? Correct at the back - The reason being is if I tell anyone (especially ladies with babies) I don't actually want to extend my species I am looked at as if I am from another planet. The startled look is always closely followed by The Advice. The Advice generally consists of "When the time comes you'll know", "Maybe your not ready", "When you meet the right man", "You'll see" and my personal favourite, a simple "Aww" combined with a patronising look.
Who knows, maybe one day the little cuckoo in my biological clock will spring into life and the urge will arrive for me to produce a mini-me. 
But for now i'll continue to uncomfortably attempt to justify myself to strangers and enjoy playing mum to the coolest little cat in town. Who, coming to think about it, could probably take that cuckoo...

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