Monday, 9 May 2011

Lazy Crohn's

Without a hint of suggestion or prompting I am rapidly turning into a housewife. (Without I should mention, the added bonus of a sparkler on my ring finger). 
With my time off from work coming to an end, i've noticed more and more how much pleasure i've been garnering from cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, applying bleach wherever necessary, amongst others. I've been giving myself mental 'gold stars' for making sure J's work uniform is freshly washed and pressed and his lunches are prepared for the next day. (He is in fact, over 30 and more than capable of doing all this by himself but think he is probably humoring me).
I suppose there is actually nothing wrong with this behaviour. After all, its good to take pride in one's home and to look after your partner... nope, I cant help picturing myself in an apron and heels looking like a Stepford Wife when I say that.
Now that I am almost back to full capacity health-wise, I have renewed energy and feel I should be using it constructively. Cleaning the house from top to bottom seems logical to me. It also helps to occupy my mind and keeps me from worrying too much about money, work, family and the agonizing toothache i've had all week. 
On the subject of that offending tooth, it was finally removed on Friday. Think I would have had to attempt a DIY extraction had I endured that pain over the whole weekend. The final straw came when I actually heard myself utter the words "I just feel so sorry for myself" - Pathetic with a capital Pah. 
Anyways, now the tooth has been dealt with and my Crohn's seems to be under control (for now), i'll look forward to getting back to work next week. I can go back to living in squalor again; leaving dishes piled up in the sink, clothes unwashed, food rotting in the fridge and crumbs all over the carpet.
Only joking. As if!
The rats will get the crumbs.

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