Friday, 17 June 2011

Skin and Crohn's

Apart from feeling knackered, occasional bloating and bouts of feeling like someone is wringing out my guts like a wet towel, i've not had too many prominent symptoms to report recently. The main issue i've noticed lately has been the state my skin is in.
There are several ways in which Crohn's affects the skin, however as this has never really been an issue for me before, I can only assume it's the drug trial causing this slow decline of my face into that of the elephant (wo)man. 
These symptoms have only come into play within the last few weeks and aren't showing any signs of improvement. My skin is usually pretty peachy, even if I do say so myself. Although the hue leaves a lot to be desired, somewhere between Milk Bottle and Magnolia on the colour-chart. But lately my face is dry beyond belief and most of it is blotchy and red and sore. My chin especially looks like i've been attacked by a cheese grater, and no amount of moisturiser seems to be helping my cause. 
Apparently painful little red 'nodules' or bumps can appear on the body during Crohn's flare-ups and I would say I can feel one of those bad-boys coming on anytime soon. Not a thought i'm particularly relishing to be honest. Trying to remain positive that although I feel rubbish just now it's still a vast improvement on a few months back. 
Right enough a few months back I didn't have the face of a crocodile who's just had a particularly nasty shave. 
Never mind, I'll keep slapping on the E45 and hope for the best. If all else fails I think i'd make a passable bearded lady.. I always did want to be in ZZ Top after all.


  1. The skin issues with Crohn's are the worst! I'd say maybe even worse than the stuff in your guts because you can't see whats happening inside you. When I was a freshman in college I had a "rash" that looked like I had spilled acid all over my leg. I have to wear pants all the time and swimming was out of the question. Anyhow, I feel for you. Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Thanks :) Think I might take to wearing a Phantom of the Opera style mask the way things are just now!