Tuesday, 1 November 2011

30 posts in 30 days - Titles of my Future Book

Hello again Dear Reader!

I am taking part in WEGO Health’s National Blog Post Month (30posts in 30days). I am only allowed 2 ‘get out of post free days’ and receive prompts on each days post. So here is numero uno. Only another 29 to go!

Titles of my Future Book

This post is particularly interesting to me as writing a book is an idea I think about quite frequently. Several friends and family members tell me regularly they think I have a nice touch when it comes to writing and would love me to write more. But I don’t have the confidence. Plus I feel I am too early in living with my condition to pass on enough experience or don’t have enough knowledge to impart. So maybe later. I do absolutely love the idea that people may enjoy reading my witterings and even garner something from it.
But as I have to come up with book titles for the purposes of this post, here are some at the forefront of my mind, and some I prepared (used) earlier..

‘The Crohnicles’ – [ok so this was actually my Dad’s idea, and as we all know Dad’s, (after Mum’s obviously) are always right]
‘Queen of The Crohn Age ‘
‘The Crohn Ranger’
‘For your Eyes Crohnly’
‘The Philosophers Crohn’

My personal favourite is the last one but I think these may possibly be subject to copyright..
I do love a pun and ‘Crohn’s’ is a surprisingly good word for twisting into humorous titles. I’ve made the most of this discovery throughout my blog.
This post also requires me to write a brief synopsis for my ‘book’ (which is actually MUCH harder than I thought it would be) but here goes..

‘I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, a crohnic inflammatory disease of the bowel and intestines. I hope to entertain and educate you over the next [insert number here] pages with my health related rambles. I’ll take you on a magical trip around my colon. And if you plan to read further than this, my bowels applaud you in advance.’

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J

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