Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Be Present

This post calls for me to describe something I find peaceful, with as much imagery as possible. I've already cheated a bit by posting a picture but never mind. This peaceful place is the woodland at the back of my house. I live in a town but just on the outskirts, meaning I can escape to this oasis of calm in a matter of minutes. Instantly forgetting the hustle and bustle and wallowing in peace and quiet.
I love to go walks through here, it brings back memories of walks I used to go on with my dad and brother when I was young, learning all about the woodland flowers and beasties. (He wasn't big into flowers my Dad by the way, but Dad's just tend to know stuff you know?)
Anyway, I love this place mainly for the calm it inspires and for the sights, sounds and smells to delight in. That wonderful fresh smell of a woodland stream and the scents from the trees and plant-life who have set up home there. You just can't bottle it.
Running water has a weirdly hypnotic effect on me so I could sit and stare at a flowing stream for hours, just lost in thought. The idea of a place where the only sounds are that of your own footsteps and the chirp  of birds, is heavenly.
I  also absolutely love the fact that this beautiful haven is practically on my doorstep and can be visited anytime. I'm a woman of simple pleasures.. :)

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days.


  1. I love your woodland retreat. It must be delightful to go there and "take the waters."

  2. Livingston has never been described so poetically.You rule fair lady xx

  3. It's even more beautiful in the Winter. Although slightly more treacherous..! x x