Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dear 18year old Me

As I am currently 28 - writing a letter to 18year old me will take me back a decade. Terrifying to think I've been on the planet for that long in the first place..

Dear Kathleen (aged 18),

Hello. I can guess straight away you'll be annoyed at the opening line of this letter as I've called you 'Kathleen' and right now I know you are too cool for school and have taken on 'Kath' as your new moniker. It will stick and most of your friends will refer to you this way from then on, so there you go smarty-pants.
Already arguing with my 18yr old self. Typical. You are very like your mother right now and are probably in the midst of an argument with her as we speak. She infuriates you so much at times but I know you hate arguing with each other and it upsets you so much you really should just be the bigger person and apologise. (yes, even if it's not your fault). Believe me it's not worth it and you will come to regret every harsh word spoken in haste later.
There is a lot going on in your life right now, you are in the first flush of a new relationship infact, and a bit giddy with it all, but be careful and reign that in, as there will be heartache ahead. (sorry about that).
Don't worry, you will be sad, but it'll be followed with absolute joy and love beyond compare! Trust me on that. He's awesome. (and you just get soppier as the years go on).
I know you think in 10years time your life will be sorted. You'll be married probably with your dream job and maybe a little one on the way. Hmm. Well I'll not give it all away but there are a few changes of opinion you will have later on those, but I won't spoil that for you now.
There are also some very scary times ahead. You will become very ill and develop something horrible called Crohn's Disease. It's a long and arduous process trying to establish what you've got but you will get there. (That's right, you know all those 'other' problems you have - that's what it's been all along! Weird eh?) So you will get that sorted and start to learn to live with it. I know that may be something you will want to weep and wail about and give it the full drama queen hysterics, but you'll be cool as a Crohn's cucumber later believe me. You will cope with it because you have to.
You know how you often feel that you won't ever make Mum and Dad proud of you? Well you do. You'll realise that they always have been and always will be - it really doesn't matter what career path you choose or whether you are the next Picasso, as they love you with a ferocity that knows no bounds.
So a lot to fit in, in the next decade, but it's a good one, filled with heartache and love, sadness, happiness, excitement (and one horrifying night in the pub after thinking you could polish off every drink on the bar) -infact, that might have already happened.. Is that why you've fallen out with mum? You DEFINITELY need to apologise for that one.

Anyway, heres to the next 10years together. You feel weak right now but you are stronger than you think and don't forget it.

Love and Nutella,
Kath (aged 28) x x

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days

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