Monday, 14 November 2011

Elevator Blog

So this post involves me describing my blog to someone I've just met in an elevator (or 'lift' if your from my neck of the woods). Giving 3 separate versions depending on length of time spent in the lift. If this situation were to occur in real life id no doubt go red in the face and look awkwardly at the floor while mumbling incoherently about my writing. But as I don't have to look any of you in the eyes I'll try to express myself as I'd like to be able to in the real world ;)

30second ride ;
'My blog is written in a diary form detailing my day to day life with Crohn's disease and how I cope (or don't cope) with it. I try to keep it as light hearted and humorous as I can, while also being open and honest about what I go through. I love writing and find it incredibly cathartic and relaxing, it really helps me being able to share my story with others'.

1 minute ride ;
'I write a blog about my adventures (and misadventures) with a condition called Crohn's Disease. It's an inflammatory disease of the bowels and intestines, and can be embarrassing and comfortable. I like to write in a comical style, in order to laugh at myself and my condition, whilst trying to make the reader feel comfortable. There are many symptoms and facets to Crohn's which many consider to be taboo, so I try to explain what I go through simply but without going into too much detail. That's easier said than done as the more comfortable and knowledgeable I become with my disease the easier I find these 'things' to talk about. I try to write openly and honestly about my experiences in the hope that others, namely my friends and family, and sufferers new to the disease will find it easier to get to grips with. I think it also helps people who know me well but don't really want to badger me constantly, to read what I go through day to day'.

2 minute ride ;
'My blog was started in February this year as a means of filling my days off work after work after an operation, and keeping my mind active, as it was starting to become diluted from too much daytime tv. I write about my trials and tribulations with Crohn's Disease, which is an inflammatory disease of the bowel and intestines. I've suffered from Crohn's 'officially' for just over a year but I reckon I've been experiencing symptoms since my teens. My blog is written in a similar style to a diary (without all the juicy bits) and details what I deal with due to Crohn's on a daily basis. I try to keep the posts fairly brief and humorous where possible and post between 3-5 posts a month. I aim to make light of the situation as it's one I'm struck with so might as well poke fun of it. Of course I do get very down at times and this gets documented too, I want to make it clear it's not all sweetness and light in my colon, but again I try to make sure the posts don't come across too depressing and retain a bit of 'me' I'm them. I'm very open about my body (perhaps too open) and my disease, in the hope this will encourage others to follow suit, or at least become more relaxed/comfortable in talking to me about my condition. Anyway, has that been two minutes?! This is a TALL building! Or maybe the lift is jammed? OH GOD I'm claustrophobic this CANNOT be happening!! HELP! HELP SOMEBODY HELP!' *faints*

This post is written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days

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  1. Have you tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet! It "cured" my son...having said that you would have to make your own biscuits! Love the way you write!