Sunday, 20 November 2011

LOL Post

Todays blog prompt is to write about something that has made me LOL. Straight away i must stress its not my choice to use 'LOL' - i really don't like LOL or OMG or any of that. Are you really 'laughing out loud' when i've told you what i've eaten for my breakfast? Is 'oh my god' really appropriate when commenting on the state of your bed head? No, didn't think so. So lets try and use the language we have been blessed with and stop shortening everything into little letters, half of which I rarely understand!
Anyway. I've found it difficult to choose one particular thing that makes me laugh - settling instead for talking about how much I love to have a chuckle and how amazing a little laughter is in life. I think a sense of humour is so very,very important. Its a lovely thing to make someone laugh and hear them struggle to control their facilities in the midst of an onslaught of comedy gold.
Laughing is proven to make you feel better - FACT. It releases all those happy hormones you find in a big bar of chocolate or when engaging in more x-rated activities. Laughter is a great way to lighten the mood or allow yourself to forget about an unhappy time, if only for a few minutes. I try to make light of most of the horrible situations i go through and try to spread a bit of that around my friends and family. I will never understand people who want to wallow in their own misery. Try a smile! Laugh a little! People will want to be around you!
I never was particularly popular at high school but not unpopular either - I was quiet and had a select few friends (notice I refrained from using BFF's there). If I got into a sticky or uncomfortable situation I tried to make the other person laugh - this has saved me from a lot in my time.
I like being silly. I love to see people fall over. I like when people make funny faces at me and I love doing silly voices. Essentially I am a child trapped in a 28 year old woman's body. This is not a bad thing, in fact I relish this fact - I hope that child never escapes (bit of a weird analogy I know but go with it). I hope i'm still howling with laughter when I see someone slide down a hill when i'm 80.
I think if I didn't have the ability to laugh at myself I would be really struggling right now. I would not be coping with having an incurable disease at all. But I am. I am constantly mocking my bad bowels and introducing others to my disease in a lighthearted way so as not to terrify them into submission - or worse, to see them pity me. My worst nightmare.
The worst part of recovery after my op was the inability to laugh without excruciating pain. Torture. My other half makes me laugh constantly. As do my friends, my brother and my parents. Especially my dad - the humour he finds in the most mudane things never fails to bring me utter joy. In fact, he is kind of my inspiration - he is in his 70's, still sharp as a tack and wittier than a witty thing covered in wit. When I achieve the great feat of making him laugh in return, I revert back to being a 5 year old and getting applauded for learning my ABC's.
So please, laugh regularly, and a lot and make other people laugh too. And if you don't know how, for free I will gladly come round and fall over or do an impression of Barry Gibb that will make you LOL PMSL and OMG.

This post was written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days.

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