Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Personal Brand

This post calls for me to think about my 'brand' and how I 'look' to my readers. This is really something I've never given much thought to before. I'd like to think people who read my blog take from it that I try to keep a positive attitude towards my illness and that I like to laugh at the more ridiculous aspects of my life on a daily basis. I try to use humour (and probably more realistically, sarcasm) to convey my life with Crohn's and the experiences it has brought to my (normally empty) plate.
The feedback I've received since starting the blog has encouraged me I'm not too terrible a writer and it's rekindled the love of writing I had as a youngster. I loved my massive typewriter I received as a gift from my parents and spent many hours typing masterpieces in my room. My parents were not quite as enthused as me however, as my room was directly above the lounge therefore they could hear the thud of every letter being brutally punched onto the page. I enjoyed writing but could never seem to bring a story to a satisfactory conclusion, got bored halfway through. I suppose that's why I enjoy writing the blog so much, as no conclusion or 'The End' is needed. A little post a day keeps the doctor away. (I wish)
Anyway, I digress, I'd hope whoever reads my blog appreciates my honesty and openness about my disease. I try to explain what I'm going through as simply as possible, not as I think my readers have a lack of brain cells of course, but because medical jargon is another language to me and I like to see things as they are and read in a voice I can understand.
I hope people in the same position I was over a year ago can relate to my story and hopefully it doesn't scare them too much. Bottom line (pun intended) I like to think I'm a positive 'brand' and if my brand had to have a slogan it'd be 'I hope for hope' x

This post is written as part of NHBPM - 30 health posts in 30 days

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