Friday, 9 December 2011

Bowel of Fortune!

Do you have Crohns disease? Not too sure? Take this fun quiz to find out!

1. You are eating a packet of salted nuts. Do you;
A) Enjoy those bad-boys to their fullest?
B) Drink half a gallon of beer to wash them down and quench your thirst?
C) Grip your stomach in knee trembling agony and dial 999?

2. You feel the need to use the toilet. Do you;
A) Casually stroll to the nearest loo with the confidence of someone wearing a Tena?
B) Walk to the cubicle with the moves like Jagger?
C) Bolt to the nearest toilet/hole in the ground/sink/ like a bat out of HELL?

3. You hear a strange rumbling noise in the distance. Do you;
A) Prepare your surroundings for a potential Earthquake?
B) Hide Simba under the bed from an oncoming onslaught of Wildebeest?
C) Assume (correctly) it's coming from your stomach?

4. You notice a strange swelling in your stomach after meals. Do you;
A) Prepare for the arrival of a new child following the immaculate conception?
B) Wait for Greenpeace to arrive to rescue you?
C) Lie down before you fall down?

Mostly A's ;
You are Crohn's free! Living life to the full and strutting to the toilet like it ain't no thang! You go girlfriend!

Mostly B's ;
You too are free from bowel misery! However it looks like you need to do something about your dancing ability and why do you have cuddly toys in your bedroom? Grow UP! Plus you could maybe do with losing a few pounds..

Mostly C's ;
Sorry guys! Looks like you have Crohns! You are in agony after most meals and rush to the toilet as if your life depended on it. Your tum swells up and you can't tolerate most foods. The good news is you are not carrying the new Messiah! (Or a whale) You are bad-bowel-tastic!

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