Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Write About My Health Because.. #HAWMC

I started to write this blog in order to help ease my boredom in the weeks and months following my first surgery. It was my younger brothers idea, he is an excellent writer himself and suggested I give it a go to help while away the hours.
Blogging quickly went from being a hobby and way of filling my time off, to an addiction to writing and an excellent outlet in which to express myself and share experiences. As my confidence grew I started to share the blog with others and was amazed at the positive response it received.
I now write to help myself deal with and rationalize when I'm going through, and in the hope of helping others who are suffering too. I've heard from fellow Crohnie's all over the globe and their families, who say reading my story has helped them feel less alone or has made it easier to express what they are going through to lose they love. You have no idea how happy this makes me! It's a complete joy that anyone even bothers to read it, let alone takes the time to contact me directly.
I cant stop writing now - it helps me convey the more complex aspects of my disease to those around me, and has led to the creation of some wonderful new friendships, shared advice and experience and allows me the chance to get things clearer in my mind.
When using humour too it allows me to laugh at myself and focus on the ridiculousness of my body at times. And thats a LOT of the time as I'm utterly ridiculous :)

Post written as part of WEGO Health #HAWMC

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