Friday, 27 April 2012

5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories #HAWMC

This post asks us to consider the most difficult parts in coping with an illness, and on the flipside the good things that keep us going. For me, the most challenging aspects of Crohn's are as follows;

1). Explaining my condition to others- this often can seem relentless, the difficulty in conveying the many facets to the disease is a challenge in itself. Even more so when you have to explain yourself to the same person more than once..
2). Facing the day - this sounds more dramatic than i'd like. But the point stands. Its difficult enough for most people to drag themselves from their slumber and head to work. But crohnie's can have great difficulty in getting out of bed in the 1st place, tiredness is a major issue, achy bones and pain are common, and I'm often in a panic I'll be late for work due to several gauntlet runs to the bathroom.
3). Admitting defeat- It's incredibly hard for me at times to face the facts when it comes to how ill I am. I try to push symptoms to the back of my mind and hope they will go away as I don't want my disease to take over. Unfortunately this tends to make matters worse.
4). Complaining - Again along the same lines, I have great difficulty in conveying how I am feeling to those I care for. I hate then to worry and feel if I keep my woes to myself this will avert concern. It generally does the opposite as they know me so well. I do find it a challenge to express the extent of my illness at times.
5). Dealing with doctors- This can also be a challenge I find. Something I have gotten used to, but initially I found it a real struggle explaining myself to those in the know. Giving a doctor minimal information is useless. No case is solved without evidence. And I watch too much CSI.

All pretty tough stuff to deal with on a daily basis I'm sure you'd agree. But here are some I would consider to be my 'small victories';

1). Laughing - If I can laugh and have a giggle more than once a day it has been a successful day.
2). Eating a meal and feeling satisfied- This might sound a bit strange to non-Crohnie's but most mealtimes are a challenge in themselves, so if I can enjoy a meal without so much as a bloated tum at the end of it it's been a major bonus.
3). Pain free- Most days I feel pain in one way or another, if it's not focused on my gut it's from a headache, arthritis, backache or at my rear end. So a day where I feel nothing but close to normality is simply awesome.
4). Getting a good nights sleep- Again a challenge for many Crohnie's and an amazing treat to wake bright eyed and bushy tailed.
5). Locating a clean loo- Being out and about there is always a worry the nearest facilities will be, less than sanitary shall we say. So to encounter a tantalising toilet is a joy to behold.

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #HAWMC

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