Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Superpower Day #HAWMC

'If you had a superpower what would it be? How would you use it?'

My first thought on seeing today's prompt was probably the most obvious one, the power of healing. I'd love to have the ability to cure Crohn's, Cancer and every other disease and ailment (even some not beginning with 'C') and rid the world of illness and pain. 'Heal the World', as someone with a White glove once said. (My doctor).
But as I'm British and therefore feel at all times I should lower my sights, I've chosen instead to focus on a super power I'd also love to have, which is probably slightly more realistic. The power to take away 'The Fear'.
Let me explain. When you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, it's a terrifying time. For you, your family and friends, and everyone around you. The Fear comes in various shapes and sizes, from 'OMG how do I talk to her about this and pretend everything is ok?' to 'HOLY SHIT I AM NEVER GOING TO GET BETTER' at the other end of the Fear Spectrum (as I've just decided it's called).
The ability to take away The Fear from that moment, and all the moments after, wouldn't cure anything or make it all go away in a puff of smoke (I'm a modern superhero, I'd use dry ice anyway) - but what it would do is make the whole situation that wee bit easier to deal with.
The Fear is a wily bastard, he works his way into your head like a fungus and stays there, creeping up on you when you least expect it and instilling all his doubts and worries, bone-shattering terror, and all other elements within the Fear Spectrum (see it's catching on).
The Fear holds you back. From thinking clearly, from doing the things you so greatly want to do, from achieving your goals. I've been held captive by The Fear for too long. No more! Using my newly acquired superhero status I will banish my evil nemesis to the darkest part of mind, allowing him to make an appearance only at the appropriate times. For example, when Bob from Twin Peaks comes on screen, or when a moth flies past my face or when both happen at the same time. Heaven forbid.
The Fear will be shown for what he really is, nothing but a pitiful little creature who thrives on your misery. He wants to keep you captive and stop you from adapting to your new situation. Once you have conquered The Fear you are on the right track. Don't let him rule you - he really is easily defeated with a bit of strength and knowledge.
Like my superhero alter ego, you too can defeat The Fear - don't be afraid.
Oh and it goes without saying, I would've thought, on what my superhero name would be. As always I am KathFantastic. ;)

This post was written as part of #HAWMC