Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Things We Forget #HAWMC

If I were making my own version of a memo reminder (as seen on it would look something like this: (see pic)

It's nothing too prolific or adventurous on the language front, just a simple message. There is so much hatred and anger all over the world that the only small thing it seems we can do to try to make our own corner of the world that little bit better, is to be kind to one another. Show a little compassion towards our fellow man/woman/cat. It's not difficult, well that's a blatant lie, for me sometimes it's very difficult, but trying to look beyond a gruff exterior or brash mannerisms can lead to the jackpot in terms of a reaction. Its amazing how much a pleasant 'hello' or an understanding ear can help to improve someone's day. When in the throws of a crohnic illness, this can affect some more than you could imagine.
I'd leave my memo on a bus or train window I think. It probably wouldn't last long, but even if one person saw it it might make them smile, or been think twice about how they speak to someone that day. It might even make them thank the driver when they get off the bus.. X

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #HAWMC

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