Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Writing With Style #HAWMC

I often suffer from the earth shattering fear that at some point I will suddenly run out of things to write about. I have a crohnic illness which has no cure, so I will always have new experiences and problems to draw inspiration from, but after almost every post I can't imagine what on Earth my next post will be about.
This usually only lasts a few days at most as inspiration strikes again pretty quickly. Which is a relief..
I've mainly found, more recently, I've been writing my posts on the bus to and from work. I spend a LOT of time on public transport therefore have many minutes to fill and time to ponder. When an idea for a post crops up I start to type out the main points on my phone, hen build it into a readable passage. I find this so convenient as I can copy and paste, delete chunks of useless material and when done, post it straight away on my Blogger app! Excellent. It really is blogging on the move!
When I am well, and therefore feel I have no major issues to speak of (or write about), I draw inspiration from others with the disease, attitudes towards Crohn's and new developments within the treatment of it. Who would've said being so diseased could be so inspiring?

This post was written as part of #HAWMC

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