Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crohn Fishin'

People with Crohn's, or anyone who has a Crohnic illness for that matter, tend to spend a fair bit of time in hospital.
As my illness is so unpredictable, it's essential for me to be prepared if the need to be admitted to hospital occurs. If I'm told to ward this way, I want to be ready.
If I'm not able, I want to make things as easy as possible for my partner or whoever is around to be able to get what I need to me as soon as possible.
What I mean by this is that I have a Hospital Checklist; a list of essential items for a stay in hospital. It really is very handy. And not at all incredibly anal..
Before my surgery, I was in and out of hospital so much that I developed a routine of keeping a pre-packed case on standby.
One of my top tips for hospital packing would be to pack quickly and precisely - you don't need enough for a 3week stay in the Caribbean . Remember you will most likely only have a tiny cupboard in which to stash your bounty.
Think 'dirty weekend', with the 'dirt' being replaced by 'hand sanitizer'.
If you, like me are partial to a hospital stay, and have been stamping that hospital loyalty card with overnight visits, (one more stamp and I get to take home a hot nurse!) you should heed my top tips for hospital packing; (see diagram- in no particular order). Men: you may want to modify some of these items to suit your own particular..needs;

1. Book. Hospitals can be boring places, reading material can wile away sickly hours. See also; Magazines, Puzzle Books, Jazz Mags. If you like Jazz obviously..
2. Pants. You can never have too many clean pairs of drawers with you.
3. Pyjamas. I usually pack 2 pairs initially - I usually have a fever in hospital so sweaty pjs are not pleasant. I favour long bottoms for warmth and vest top for ease of application of cannulas, needles, etc. Nothing too low cut, unless you are trying to seduce a doctor, which I wouldn't advise.
4. Hairbrush. To brush hair.
5. Deodorant. To deodorise with.
6. Pills. Always remember to pack all your meds.
7. Slippers. Hospitals have cold floors and I have cold feet.
8. Charger. I would go insane if my phone died. Also I think my mum would worry herself into a frenzy if she couldn't phone me.
9. Headphones. Thank-you for the music.
10. Make-up. Ok not an essential but a little blush and mascara can help to make you feel a little more human, and it's a nice way to try to build a routine as you would at home.
11. Lipbalm. I literally would not survive without at least 2 lipbalms on my person at all times, literally.
12. Toothpaste/Toothbrush. For the freshening of that sickly mouth. See also; to remove the taste of hospital food.
13. Cat. I WISH.

Another few important items for me would be, a dressing gown, phone, cash (not a lot), diluting juice (I HATE water) and a bountiful array of socks.

So there you have it, you are now well prepared should you be checking in at your local hospital anytime soon. Oh, and feel free to tell me off if I've forgotten anything.
Wishing you all happy hospital holidays if they come. The only holiday destination where you apparently can't complain at being woken up for breakfast at 6am or sent to bed at 10! Haha.
They ARE hotels right? Right..?