Friday, 1 June 2012

Like A Rolling Crohn

A very common symptom of Crohns Disease, and many other tummy related troubles, is bloating.
This is the bane of my life. It may seem like a petty thing to complain about but when you have a hot date [trip to the corner shop] and are slipping into a sexy little skintight number [pyjamas] to impress your beau, the last thing you want is to suddenly appear 12 months pregnant [25months].
It's an irritation. In more ways than one.
For a start it's an inconvenience when dressing. What to wear having never had a child and therefore no maternity jeans?
It's uncomfortable as hell. How to sit/lie down/ roll down hills with a ballon attached to your front?
It makes you feel full. 'No thanks, I'll pass up that bonbon Ta, I've got enough wind in here to propel a small jet plane'.

I like to think I have a vaguely ok figure. I'm not overweight, I'm proud I'm back to my 'normal' weight after my op as I'd dropped to just over 6stone. I am pretty confident in my body (now anyway, that took a long time and a lot of prompting from my bf to appreciate what I have). So when the Bloat-Attack strikes it's a nuisance. It ruins all that hard work I've put into looking half decent. [3 minutes in front of the mirror, just enough time before it breaks] ;)

Today was a bloated day. I put on my trusty 'fat trousers' which are unsightly and make my legs look like tree trunks. But they have an elasticated waist which is quite simply a LIFE SAVER.
I think my bf would agree with me when I say there is nothing sexier of an evening when I have a meal, pop the button of my jeans and let it all hang out. I know he struggles to contain his animal instincts on seeing my swollen belly and listening to it growl like a faulty washing machine. I can see it in his eyes. When he wipes away the tears that is.
There are not many remedies for bloating. It's one of the many wonderful joys of Crohns and IBD in general. IBS sufferers also experience the joy that comes with resting your dinner on your tummy. My friend who has IBS tends to find rubbing her tum helps to soothe the discomfort. I do that too, it's a habit. Although in her case this has caused several queries as to whether or not she is expecting. 'Yes, if by expecting, you mean expecting to expel enough gas to heat my house for a year?'
Some other suggestions include cutting out fizzy drinks, reducing your fibre intake and drinking more water.
Personally I've found cutting out fizzy drinks altogether has helped, but then the bloating comes so unexpectedly that I'm never quite sure what's caused it this time. I'm also partial to a wee peppermint tea of an evening. Can help ease things a little without you having to intake too much caffeine.
It really is one of those little [big] things you have to learn to adapt too. You've just got to roll with it. Literally.

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