Tuesday, 6 November 2012

#NHBPM 10th November

'Should people post about their/ their loved ones health on social networking sites?'

Myself, I consider the above question to be two entirely separate issues. As my health is 'mine' and 'my' life - I feel it's my right to discuss my condition openly with the world at large. I feel it helps, me and others, to understand my illness. I try to shy away from talking about the involvement of my friends and family. I express how much they mean to me and how they support me throughout my illness, but I never talk about any issues they may have, outside of my Crohn's Disease.
I think there is a major difference between being open about my life and talking about people who perhaps would be uncomfortable about being thrust into the blogging spotlight. It's not my place to discuss anything about my family other than how they affect my life.
This can often prove quite difficult when writing my blogs as they play such a big part in my life. I'd never want to divulge anything that made my loved ones uncomfortable, and if that issue ever arose, it would be deletion central!
I understand why some may openly talk about their loved ones health issues. It may help them cope, and understand. It may help to tell others, perhaps for support outside of the family, or to share information. As I do, for my own condition.
However, the difference between doing all this for yourself and doing it for someone else is that it's THEIR life. Their privacy. The first concern should always be the person you love and what they want. I know if the colon was in the other body, my family wouldn't want me to quite so open about them as I am about myself. And I understand that.
People's privacy is just that, private. Why would I encroach on that?

This post is written as part of WEGO Health #NHBPM - 30 posts in 30 days

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