Sunday, 11 November 2012

#NHBPM 15th November

'Nominate Someone for a Health Activist Award'

I took a slightly different approach to this blog post due to some recent, very sad events.
I've nominated lots of amazing bloggers for HA awards and I'm very excited to see if any of the fab folks I've nominated make it to the winners podium. I think there are so many worthy winners and the calibre if writing this year is so high. All these people deserve recognition and I could have written this post about any one of them. But instead I chose to write about someone I can't nominate.
This is someone I became dear friends with, (as much as you can be friends with someone online), but never met.
Mimi, or @Pythonette1 as she was known on Twitter, where we 'met', passed away earlier this month.
She was one of the first people I'd found on Twitter with Crohn's Disease like me, and was a complete breath of fresh air. She was warm and funny and had an amazingly positive outlook on life. This couldn't help but rub off on anyone who came across her. She helped me realise I could live a happy and fulfilled life despite my recently diagnosed condition.
She was friends with so many people on Twitter and I know they l share the same sense of loss I do. The loss of a friend and the sadness of not having been able to say how my h she meant to us when she was still around.
When I heard of get passing I cried. Real tears. I've never cried for someone I've never met. Apart from when I'm watching 'Beaches' obviously, but that's a given.
Talking of beaches, Mimi lived in Australia. We often joked about swapping climates for a few days. I live in Scotland so we were literally on different sides of the world. She kindly offered to pop some glorious sun in the post and I'd fire back some our cloudy skies to give her a rest from the heat.
Mimi was a constant support to me, and hundreds of other Crohnies. Whatever came her way she dealt with it head on - and never forgot to ask how we were at the same time.
She sent her smiles in 140 chars here's to cheer us on, on an almost daily basis. That's a real skill, and one of the many reasons she will be so sorely missed. RIP Mimi xx

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #NHBPM - 30 posts in 30 days

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