Thursday, 1 November 2012

#NHBPM 1st November

Why I Write About my Health..

The main reason I write my blog has changed quite a bit over time. I started writing shortly after my surgery for Crohn's Disease in early 2011. It was on the suggestion of my brother, who thought it may be a good way to pass the time during my recovery. On writing my first few posts I felt odd. As it takes a while to grow an 'audience' or gain people who followed the blog I often considered stopping altogether and felt foolish, like I was embarrasing myself. Thankfully, the encouragement of my brother and my close family and friends inspired me to keep writing. Soon I was hooked. It felt as fun as writing my diary, but in public. I started to enjoy it more and more as more people began to read it and comment, and I began o make friends through the sharing if stories and information.
I opened my writing up to a bit of a wider audience by posting my blog on Facebook and Twitter, and suddenly I found people from all over the world were reading my daft diseased tales. The thrill of knowing strangers were enjoying my writing was another boost. It meant my blogs were interesting to people outside my clsoe circle. Plus it gave me something to keep my mind active and off my bowels when I was off work and in a bad way.
Don't get me wrong, I by no means think that I am a great writer! I know I am distinctly average, but I do think my blog offers quite a unique twist on traditional health writing. I try to write in a humorous way, I want to show my disease is not all I am. That for others suffering it's not the end of the line.
I begun writing for myself, now I like to think I write for others. I want my blog to appeal to people who suffer from Crohn's and those who don't. I want it to help people laugh at their condition and feel they are not alone. For thse who don't have Crohn's but perhaps know someone who does, I want it to help express to them what it's like living with the disease, and to inform them on what Crohn's entails.
Bold ambitions for a silly little blog I know, but something positive to aim for I think. If I can achieve at least one of those aforementioned ambitions, i'll be a very happy diseased bunny indeed.

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #NHBPM

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