Monday, 5 November 2012

#NHBPM 25th November

'How have your goals as a patient evolved?'

As a 'blogger' and a Crohn's patient, I've found my 'goal's' have changed pretty significantly since I was first officially diagnosed.
Originally, my main concern was with myself. I wanted to get well and desperately wanted the doctors to get to the bottom of my illness.
Post surgery, my concern was healing and learning to negotiate my way past having a huge scar where I was once unblemished, and filling my days while I recoup rested.
Since then, now almost 2years after the operation that saved my life, my 'goal's' are more focused on helping to try and educate and inform others on my illness. And, where possible, offer support to others going through the same thing.
I've also become so much more interested in learning all there is to know about Crohn's disease and educating myself on how best to help my symptoms, outside of the hospital. I've also decided to become more open and honest about my condition. With everyone, from close family to doctors and nurses. I've tried to adapt to my illness as best as I can, and make a negative a positive, whenever possible. I'm evolving with my disease, hopefully for the better.

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