Sunday, 4 November 2012

#NHBPM 5th November

3 Things I'm Thankful For 

1. My family & Friends
Without this motley crew I don't know where I'd be. I have a wonderful relationship with my parents, my partners parents and our surrounding families. I am very fortunate to have some amazing friends who I know I can turn to for anything, even if it's just a spot of reassurance and a cuddle.
They have all been tirelessly supportive of me pre and post diagnosis, and continue to take an active interest in my development with my disease. They have grieved with me on the loss of my pre-Crohn's life and pushed me to see a life beyond it. They always listen when I want to talk and always seem to know how to perk me up. I love them beyond belief and my colon and I are blessed to have such fantastic support.

2. The NHS.
They literally saved my life. My Crohn's was incredibly advanced when I was finally diagnosed and it meant the only option left in the space of a few months was surgery. i had an outstanding doctor who pushed for my surgery all the way and the care I was shown before and after was incredible. I was back on my unsteady feet in no time and have been monitored closely since. I know I have several options on who to call in the case of a Crohnie emergency and that in itself is incredibly reassuring.

3. My Writing.
This may sound slightly pretentious, but I absolutely adore writing my blog. I love the fact that people out there (not just my mum) take the time to read it and I love that it has opened up a whole new hobby to me. I have caught the writing bug and it's helped me greatly in coping with my illness. It's helped me to see I am not alone, and neither are any of you.

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #NHBPM - 30 posts in 30 days 

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