Monday, 5 November 2012

#NHBPM 6th November

'A time you took the high road..'

Being a Scottish lass, 'taking the high road' is something I'm well versed in.
Other than vague directions though, 'taking the high road' obviously has another meaning..
Other than the excruciating pain, sickness, constant fatigue and fainting, amongst others, Crohn's hasn't really caused me any major problems. In the grand scheme of things.
In terms of accepting help, and letting people in - that's where the big issue seems to be with me. I've had to get to grips with being a 'patient' and not being able to do some things for myself.
Crohn's can in itself be a very debilitating illness. At it's worst, it leaves you weak and helpless. For someone who strives for independence, this can be incredibly frustrating.
I wouldn't say I'm a 'difficult' patient. I don't complain often or whine about my misfortune. But I don't open up enough to explain what I'm going through. Which can be just as difficult for others; how can they help when they don't know the extent of my symptoms?
So for me, 'taking the high road' is learning to loosen the reigns a little and accept help. I'm still struggling with this, but I'm hoping it will get easier. I suppose I expect too much of myself and I'm not yet ready to let go of some of the things I could do easily 'P.C' (Pre-Crohn's). This will come. But finding the balance between retaining my independence and letting people in, will be one of my harder challenges.

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