Tuesday, 6 November 2012

#NHBPM 7th November

'Redesign a Doctor's waiting room'

Now I'm no Lawrence Llewelyn- Bowen, (a flamboyant interior designer, Non-Brits), mores the pity. But I do know a thing or two about spending time in doctors surgeries. As I'm sure most of you are aware, waiting rooms are places in which you are often forced to do a lot of just that; waiting.
This, when you are feeling nervous and anxious, or feeling like death (or all of the above), can be a rather frustrating prospect. I know doctors and nurses are very busy people so its understandable at times we may be waiting later than our initial appointment time. Not every patient can be dealt with in a window of only a few minutes of course. So what could be done to make these places more comfortable whilst we wait?
For one, comfier seats. Ok so I don't expect to feel like I'm at home, or have my rear housed on some velvet cushion, but I would like to sit on a chair that doesn't make me feel like a geriatric. Or on a seat so solid I can feel everyone of my backside bones in action. Some of us have issues down there y'know?
Secondly, all these depressing health posters. Get rid. We are here to see the doctor already, do we really need to be worrying about a million other things we might have, or catch while we are here? It feels like we are sitting in a mobile version of WebMD - "Do you have Cancer?", "Have you checked your prostrate?" - Look give it a rest. I checked my prostrate last week and it's gorgeous as ever ok. Leave it.
I propose, pictures on one wall of semi-naked men, semi-naked ladies on the other, and for good measure, cute wee kittens and puppies on the ceiling. Covering all bases there I'm sure you'll agree. Taking everyones minds off their troubles in the process and, as an added bonus, giving the doctor a head start (if you'll pardon the pun) on the severity of any potential erectile-dysfunction cases he may be dealing with.
Finally, I really think it would help, I can't really explain why, to have those doors like off of Star Trek as we walk into the doctors office. Or better still, a smoke machine like off of Stars In Their Eyes ; "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be.. CURED"

This post was written as part of WEGO Health #NHBPM - 30 posts in 30 days

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