Monday, 3 December 2012

Diseasey Street

This past week I've been a physical and emotional write off. I've had (and still have) a horrendous flu-chest-throat-head-bug-thingy (to give it it's proper medical name) that I'm struggling to shift.
This may sound like a mere inconvenience when you consider I have an incurable disease, but that's exactly my problem; I already have Crohn's, why do I have to put up with this nonsense too?!
Obviously as Crohnies, we are far from exempt from other health issues, in fact the opposite, we grab any bacteria and germs flying around and clutch them to our bosoms like selfish lovers who won't let go. It's our crappy (pun intended) immune systems that cause our bodies to go temporarily insane and collect as many other problems as we can like some kind of macabre hobby.
Plus, having the disease also means it can take a ridiculously long time to shake these things off. Talk about mixed signals, body.
So this week I've lost my voice, had a perma-headache, had streaming eyes, running nose, blocked nose, felt faint, legs like lead, zero energy, zero appetite, sweats and shivers, and a cough to wake the dead, amongst others. Lovely.
Now I know this is all natural during the first flush of Winter. My problem is that I can't just get over this type of thing like a 'normal' person. I have to deal with this AND Crohn's. if anything that makes it even more annoying in my eyes; why can't I deal with this when I'm coping with Crohn's everyday? I get frustrated at my own body for being so bloody useless.
Now my partner takes a different view on this. He thinks it's kind of romantic to him in a way that I'm ONLY dealing with this and not Crohn's for a change. He thinks it's cool that he sees me with a cold like 'normal' people (there's that word again) and not doubled up with Crohn's pain. This is a nice way to look at it I reckon, and it has made me think about how much of a drama queen I possibly could become if left to my own miserable devices.
But right now, as I type this, my fingers dripping with sweat, barely able to lift my useless head, I can't help but resign myself to the knowledge that Crohn's has taken this round.

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