Saturday, 15 December 2012

It'll be Crohnly This Christmas

Itll be Crohnly this Christmas

Depending on your religious persuasion, Christmas can mean many things to many people. Religion aside, for most people, regardless of your faith, (or lack of), it's traditionally a time of over-indulgence. A phrase that in itself can strike gut-wrenching fear into the heart of any Crohnie.
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I love getting to spend time with my loved ones and fighting with family i haven't seen for 12months. I adore exchanging gifts that we've bought one another because we care and because the adverts say we have to. I love decorating the house and getting into debt along the way. Joyous.
No, I joke (sort of). I do enjoy Christmas. I always have.
However now my feelings towards this time of year are a strange mixture of excitement and nerves. As ridiculous as it may sound I also feel a vague sense of loss. At how much I used to enjoy the aspect of over-eating and drinking.
With Crohn's your body has an annoying way of telling you in no uncertain terms when you have HAD ENOUGH PUT THE CHIPOLATA DOWN. A phrase heard painfully often in my life.
Some would think this is a useful tool for ones body to have, a sort of early warning system that gently reminds us to cease eating for fear of feeling like a sumo wrester later. Only it's not a 'gentle' reminder. It's agonising cramps in the stomach, sickness, sweats and shivers, rushing to the toilet and feeling faint. Celebrate good times c'mon!
The first Christmas after my diagnosis I was on a liquid diet. And I don't mean I was being all Scottish about it and knocking back the sherry from 8a.m.
Unless you have been through this you have no idea how difficult it is. A diet of only milkshakes that aren't even milk in the most vile flavours imaginable. My personal favourite was Rotting Corpse, (although they lied and wrote 'Forest Fruits' on the label).
Surrounded by a massive table of food and drink I had to suck on Rotting Corpse from a wee straw. This made not only me miserable, but my whole family uncomfortable and sorry for me. I think at one point there was even an offer of introducing some turkey to the liquidiser. I politely declined.
Thankfully this Christmas will be much better. I'll be able to eat (in moderation) and drink (in even more moderation). I will attempt to pace myself, and maybe only have one selection box for breakfast instead of two. Only 3 baileys before dinner instead of 12 and just have a wee sniff of the trifle.
I'm dreaming of a pain-free and FUN Christmas for me and YOU.

Merry Christmas x x

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  1. I hope you have a very merry Christmas Kathleen. Weefatfella! xx