Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I'm So Tired of Being A-Crohn

Whether you live with a chronic illness or not, it's important to surround yourself with positive people who are a source of inspiration wherever possible. 
My parents, brothers and group of closest friends are a never ending fount of inspiration to me. They smile and endure the difficulties life throws at them, and come out of every challenge they face that little bit stronger.
Individually they are all incredibly different people, with often polar opposite outlooks in life, but they all have their humour, kindness and enthusiasm for life in common. 
They are all human, therefore they often fall to pieces and air any gripes they may have, but they never whine. Never weep and wail about how hard done by they are - and if the urge ever takes them to do so, they do it with dignity; behind closed doors or in confidence of a loved one. They keep their personal lives private and share their highs and lows with the people who deserve to hear them. 
I hope over the years I have developed even an ounce of their strength and resilience. 
I'm not trying to make you jealous here at how unbelievably awesome my friends and family are; just trying to remind you to focus on those that matter to you. Take inspiration from the way the people you love are. 
Crohn's is still such an unspoken and 'embarrassing' illness that it's often easy to forget that people can still feel awkward or ashamed to discuss it. I certainly don't think that's right, or healthy, but unfortunately it's the way of the world at the moment. 
I'm not ashamed of my illness. I don't feel I ever have been.
There was such euphoria when I found out what was wrong with me that it cancelled out any potential horror I may have felt at the realisation I'd be thinking about my bowels everyday until I kick back in my grave. 
It's not a well known illness so it's one we often need to explain again and again. This can be relentless and frustrating and just really, really BORING. That's why I find it vital to have people in your life who 'get it' and who would never think less of you because of what you suffer from. Oh and most importantly; who would never pity you. 
There's no reason to ever feel alone with your disease. Open up to those around you and they may surprise you by showing you just how wonderful they really are.X