Saturday, 8 February 2014

What a Day

It's my blogs 3rd birthday today!
This is also my 200th post! 
How cute, and almost unbearably twee is all that?! 

PLUS, I purchased a bumper bag of cat litter today for only £2.00! WHAT A DAY!!!

Really, this post is just an excuse for me to celebrate all of you, dear readers, for all your support in this last few years, through what has been an absolute whirlwind since my diagnosis.
When this humble blog began I had just had my first Crohn's surgery and was an unashamed social networking virgin. I dipped my diseased toe into the world of blogging and it's safe to say it's probably been the most positive thing to come out of my condition to date.
Through my writing I've had the opportunity to meet countless inspiring fellow sufferers who have taught me to believe in myself, and helped me keep going when times get tough. The kindness of strangers from all corners of the globe has truly amazed and astonished me. Starting to tear up here thinking about you all actually. Thankfully I've got a bumper pack of cat litter if things get soggy.
Did I mention that? WHAT A DAY!

Writing about Crohn's Disease has opened up a whole world of learning for me. About my own abilities, and my own body. Tips and tricks of the 'sickly' trade have become invaluable, and knowing I have a wealth of knowledge and experience at the other end of my phone/email/twitter,etc, has felt and continues to feel like a massive safety net.
I couldn't possibly single out those of you who have encouraged/helped/inspired me over the last 3years because the list would be far too long, and probably read like a Gwyneth Paltrow acceptance speech, but I hope those of you know who you are. You have no idea how much something you may feel is a simple sentence can be so unbelievably encouraging. Especially those of you who have become firm friends. You are all amazing.

Since I started blogging I've been nominated each year for a WEGO Health award (always the bridesmaid never the bride), had the pleasure (and pant-wetting fear) of speaking at World IBD Day, and started writing a book.
It's all very exciting, and when it feels like my disease is getting on top of me, as it has been in the past few months, I'm reminded that this blog is not only an open diary for me but that, amazingly, it also serves to help some of you too. The feedback I get is inspiration enough to keep going, and if I can help any of you in even the tiniest of ways, it's a start to going some way to repay your kindness. I also got a super deal on cat litter today if any of you are running low. WHAT A DAY.

I'm very lucky to have Crohn's Disease because of all of you.
My family and friends, all the tiny faces I see everyday on my laptop and in my pocket, and those of you who show me daily how to cope with an incurable illness. Those who I get to cuddle/kiss/grope/restraining orders from in real life.
I couldn't handle any of it without you, that's why 3years later I'm still blabbering on.

You really only have yourselves to blame.


  1. Congrats on your blogging success, long may you reign! Xx
    With love

  2. Yay :-) A very happy blog birthday to you. You're awesome and are doubtless aware of that too :-)