Saturday, 26 April 2014

Happy Just to be with Loo

I've never been one for these 'inspirational' quotes you find strewn all over social media. I generally find most of them tip me more towards nauseated than 'inspired'. They inspire me to vomit, if you will. 
Nothing against those of you who post them, or perhaps even take some form of comfort from them. I liken it to religion; I may not agree with certain beliefs or opinions but I would never reprimand anyone for them. I've certainly never been so bold (or offensive) as to stamp all over someone's beliefs. Besides I only wear a size 4 and a half. 

These quotes I refer to usually come from a place of mild misery. 
'Let me show you how strong I am by posting something someone at some point in history may or may not have said' 
I appreciate, for example, Marilyn Monroe was (and still is) considered a role model for young women as she was a good looking, curvaceous woman, however I find it hard to believe she spouted quite as much drivel as my Facebook feed implies.
"Eat more cheesecake!" - Marilyn Monroe.
"Remember to take the bins out" - Dalai Lama. 
"Maybe it's Maybelline" - Adolf Hitler. 
You get my point. 

The reason I don't really like these quotes is because I find them a little bit twee and mainly fruitless. What gain came come from someone I barely know telling me to 'Smile it might never happen!'? Apart from me finding myself charged with grievous bodily harm of course.

However, lately I've started to think about my life in a slightly different manner. I've been seeing a counsellor and have had the chance to think long and hard about what may be holding me back in life. 

I've come to realise I've been blaming Crohn's Disease too long for anything negative in my life. Yes it's a massive part of me and it's caused me no end of unhappiness in the past few years, but it's can't be held responsible for every wee thing that goes wrong in my world. I've spent too long feeling consumed with anger and bitterness over things I can't change and I've accepted I need move on and tuck those feelings away in a nice double-locked safe in my brain so as not to let it spill out over and over again and destroy the happiness in have in my life. Of which I have bountiful amounts. I have to let the happiness in and the misery out. Easier said than done but I know I'll get there. The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.
 "I choose to be happy" - (Kathleen Nicholls, 2014)


  1. Wise words Kathleen. Louise and I are filling some of those lock boxes at the moment. To move forward, sometimes we need to make space in our head for new challenges that lie ahead. My old grey matter is desperately in need of a clear out, My chronic illness has occupied enough of it for so long. I think by doing what you say, it doesn't lessen the impact that Crohn's Disease has on people's lives, or indeed any other chronic illness. I like your thinking. Be happy :)

    1. Definitely! Crohn's isn't all we are and it's certainly important to remember there's more to life!
      Thanks Jim! You too! (And Louise!) x