Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Struggle is Real

Sickness and all that goes with it, has become such an all consuming part of my life, that I often find I can't remember what it was like to be 'healthy'. 

I suppose I never really was; I always felt a sinister undercurrent that something wasn’t quite right and/or, that I was internally acting like an raging hypochondriac. I felt terrible most of the time, but that was my 'norm'.


So when you spend a large chunk of every day thinking, feeling and being BORED by chronic illness, it makes it all the more infuriating when people around you seemingly milk the udders of illness for their own milky gain. (Yeah I'm not sure where I was going with that analogy either, I just really like cows). They do this, either through implying they have conditions they do not, or making unwell mountains out of ACTUALLY FINE molehills.


Those people who don't take advantage of how lucky they are to be well are one of my pet peeves. Those who force themselves to be sick; mainly through Oscar-worthy performances of 'visible' symptoms. The sniffing, the sighing, the grasping of head, the hot water bottle on the tummy, mummifying themselves with gauze, the list (like their symptoms) is seemingly endless. They apply gargantuan issues to minor ailments.

I've got a cold= flu.

I've got a sore head= brain tumour.

Sore foot= gangrene. AMPUTATE IMMEDIATELY.


Now of course I'm not in any way advocating that anyone should ignore unusual symptoms; quite the opposite! If you are GENUINELY concerned and fear something sinister is going on within the realms of your carcass, then please, PLEASE visit your doctor. 

But if you have a cold, and you KNOW it's just a cold; please, PLEASE GET A GRIP.

The state of constant bubbling rage I find myself in when people around me take their health for granted is quite powerful and I often fear spontaneous bile combustion.  


I can be as empathetic as they come, but you must understand that expecting someone who's own internal organs are slowly trying to kill her to mop your fevered brow is a wee bit of a kick in the teeth.

What I'm trying to say in my usual clumsy and distainful way, is that its important we focus on the good in our health not the bad. If that means you are someone who is well 99% of the time, then please relish that! I'm more envious than you can know. Seriously, I can't tell you, it would make me look like a  jealous ex and I've already got restraining orders in place from Jon Hamm.

If you are unwell 99% of the time, then relish that 1% and clasp it to your bosom like a freshly laundered kitten. Use the time you are well to recharge your batteries, and to try to ensure that you enjoy a higher percentage of good times in the future. Don’t wallow on the negatives as that in itself is merely adding to the ever increasing pile of negativity that comes with chronic illness.  


Let's agree that if you have a cold, its just a cold. And I'll agree not to murder you all in your sleep. A pretty fair deal all round I reckon.

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  1. i know exactly what you mean- don't get me started on people who tell you ibs is the same as crohns
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