Friday, 16 October 2015

Sunshine After The Pain

Sometimes it’s hard to be a patient. Giving all your love to just one pan.

It’s often difficult to see the bright side of things that can be so intrinsically negative. 
Lately I’ve been trying to focus on the good and get a jump start on the bad; pre-empting aspects of my condition I know to be negative with what may effectively end up a positive. 
This isn’t easy, and it’s not even necessary either – but for me it often helps me see past the fog of disease, and focus on what good I have in my life. 

The other day I felt so fed up I wanted to hibernate. It’s really cold here now and my joints ache, my arthritis has flared, everything hurts from my toes to my hair and my Crohn’s is pretty much joining suit. Never one to be left out of a party is Crohn’s! So instead of wallowing in self-pity I tried to do things I knew would help – hot baths to ease my joints, cold compresses on my sore knees, pain relief when I needed it and not when it was too late and I’d become desperate. Look, I went hog-wild and treated myself to some painkillers on a school-night because I’m not just Born With It AND Maybelline, I’m also Worth It. Don’t let anyone ever tell you I’m not the life and soul.

So in the spirit of looking on the bright side and the importance of self-care, here I have handily compiled a (tongue firmly in cheek) guide to seeing the flip-side of illness:
1. “I can’t walk very well today because of my painful joints and arthritis”

Have a seat! Seats are great! So are couches and floors! Even better – LIE DOWN! In a bed!
2. “My medication is giving me cold sweats”

Your body has its own self-cooling facility! You are the envy of people from hot countries and cheap hotel rooms without air-con everywhere!
3. “I feel sick”

But think how good you’ll feel and LOOK when you don’t!
4. “I can’t stop rushing back and forward to the toilet”

Enforced fitness! AND maximum time to read books and catch up with your friends via your mobile telecommunication device from the comfort of your porcelain throne!
5. “I really wanted to go to that party and now I have to cancel”

Who likes parties anyway?! You’d only end up in the kitchen talking to a drunk bore while absentmindedly gnawing on a chicken wing. Plus, they NEVER play ABBA, it’s pointless. (Also think of the money you’ve saved on a gift!)
6. “I’m so tired”

You are an adult, which means you can go to bed at 8pm without fear of judgement! If you want you can go to bed anytime! Just not at your desk. Or at the bus stop. Or crossing the road. But otherwise, get to bed!
Ok so there you have it, just a snippet of some of the great ways you can keep on top of those illness blues. Feel free to use any of these when you need to! You can also print this out and post it on your fridge if you like, for those moments when you need a wee reminder that the sun will always rise tomorrow, and so will you.

(Side note : You are all very handsome and lovely for reading my ramblings all the way to the end and not subsequently sending me hate mail and if it wasn’t for all the restraining orders I’d marry you all in a Mormon ceremony with multiple bathrooms xoxoxoxxx)

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