Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 3: #7DaysOfIBD

Day 3:
Well firstly, It’s been an exciting few weeks for me, as I've recently signed a publishing contract for my first book! I am still in shock that it’s really happening. The pessimist in me is still waiting for it all to go wrong but I'm trying to live in the moment and ENJOY IT.
It’s on Crohn’s Disease and is designed around my own experiences. I hope it helps someone like me. I know I certainly would have benefited from something practical and light-hearted when I was diagnosed. Everything seemed so bleak and hopeless. I was bombarded with information (and worse, misinformation) and medical facts and figures that were impossible to take in. But nothing on how to cope day to day. After the initial shock of finding out what was wrong with me,I was still at a loss as to how to ‘live’ with my new disease. I'm hoping that my writing will help at least one person in the same situation.
But I'm not here to plug my book! (Which will be available in mid 2016 ;) ) I merely mention my news as it serves as the precursor to my update of the day. In my whirlwind of nervous excitement and celebration, Crohn’s has snuck up on me. I've been absolutely loaded with the cold for what seems like months now, and my immune system is at an all-time low due to my current Infliximab treatment.
I'm finding this week a struggle and am floored with exhaustion. But the light at the end of my colon is my good news. This is a rare occurrence and although in living with, and writing a book about my disease it’s been my every waking thought, it’s nice to sometimes forget. IBD makes that harder than you think. Almost impossible on days like today when I feel so tired of it all. 

I have to force myself to focus on the good in my life and rest where I can. I hope all of you are able to do the same today my friends! xox

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